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  • Road to 40: Post 7

    Winter is…. I mean, the end of the year is coming. I had the realization that I’m just over 7 months away from being 40. I started writing about my journey this past June and we’re already halfway through November. Time is passing faster than I think I’ve ever experienced! Pressure at work has been more intense than usual these last three months. Growing pains of building a new business. It’s funny to think that in 2020 I was training people on Zoom out of my bedroom. Now there’s a lot more to plan for and manage. It’s only a three person team but we’re almost triple the size of what it was when I started. The grind has had me deep in the ....

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  • Accountability is a Huge Part of Setting Yourself Up for Success

    Accountability is a Huge Part of Setting Yourself Up for Success

    Having accountability, being accountable to, or holding yourself accountable is all important when it comes to health and fitness. However, you must know what you’re being accountable to. That’s probably one of the biggest issues or biggest faults that I see people run into. “Oh I have to eat healthily, I have to work out, I have to be in great shape” The problem is, those are such blanket statements – there’s nothing you’re being accountable to. You may have the thought of being healthy, or the thought of eating better, or the thought of improving your health, but there’s no real step behind it; there’s no real merit. ....

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  • Road to 40: Post 6

    Road to 40: Post 6

    So one of the things I struggle with, like many others, is balancing out time between all the different roles I have within a given day. I wake up and I’m trying to get myself together to manage what’s being thrown my way. From off the pillow at 5am until back on the pillow TBA, I’m racing against the life clock. I like to think of myself as proactive. I do the necessary prep to ensure I have proper time to show up as best as I can for each role. In the AMs to get myself put together, spend some time making breakfast with the kid and giving my lady time to get herself together, and get to work with enough time to do my Miracle Morning routine. After that, ....

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  • Road to 40: Post 5

    Road to 40: Post 5

    The struggle is real.Things don’t always go the way you want, and sometimes even putting in the work you still come up short. hat’s what August felt like.My personal training studio has been a literal manifestation of 10 years of hard ass work.I’ve got two great team members that are helping me build my vision and lots of loyal people that have followed or found me and believe my way is the best way to get them to their fitness goals.It’s a lot of responsibility but I’m grateful for it.But it’s hard ass work sometimes. There’s a lot of reps that go into making everything run the way it should.No two clients are the same and everyone is ....

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  • Road to 40: Post 4

    So it’s been quite a ride since my hip surgery in early 2019. 3 major California fire disasters and a pandemic and a half later, I’m trekking to 40. I got laid off in 2020 from 24 hour fitness for being unproductive. Hard to be productive when you are out on medical leave but let's be honest, it was a blessing in disguise because I started my own fitness company. I’m in year two and feel like year ten is not that far away. I’m an aspiring “Best Dad Ever” candidate. I feel like I can do it. Everyone keeps warning me about the teen years but I say bring it on. I got this! My hip still bothers me quite a bit but I’m actively working to live pain ....

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  • A Day in the Life 2: PRICEY the Unicorn

    Monday July 11th 2022 Because things aren’t normally hectic enough. This weekend we had a bed bug scare in my kid’s room. We went to the County Fair about a week ago and “won” my kid a $60 unicorn which I rightfully named PRICEY. Future reference, find a way to distract the kid when the guy at the booth pulls you aside and says, “You sure bro?” Anyways, the kid was happy, and it ended up on the bed w/ 900 other stuffed animals. So a couple days later, the kid has bite marks all over her body. Damnit! Didn’t even think about putting the damn thing in the washer! That’s dumb. The unicorn is traveling all over the place and sitting in a ....

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  • Road to 40: Post 3

    Recovery to now: Moving past the 10 weeks of relief from the cortisone shot, my surgeon was convinced that there was a strong reason to scope my hip and figure out what was damaged. It’s deep in the winter at this point, coming up on the end of the year. I’ve been away from work since July, still not really able to do much, putting on weight and not feeling great about the inactivity. I had tried lifting a few times and even moderate stuff, seated, caused me pain. So I was just waiting for an official date for the surgery. And by mid December, I had a date. I’d be bringing in the first week of the New Year w/ a newly repaired hip! January 6th, 2019 ....

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  • A Day in the Life 1: Work, The Funeral & The Dermatology Appt

    Tuesday June 15th, 2022 Keeping to the commitment of writing this blog, we’re talking about the good & the bad to show how trying to be fit and healthy goes living a normal life. So, anyways, another day in the grind. Gotta be honest I fell asleep downstairs in our chair because I was so tired from a full day at work and I crushed a leg workout earlier that afternoon. When I say crushed, I mean it may have crushed me because I was wobbly after it was finished. That being said, it didn’t go well. I woke up at 1am, transferred to the couch, and half slept until my alarm went off at 5:30am. I dragged myself upstairs and jumped in the shower. Normally I would have done ....

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  • Road to 40: Post 2

    And so in November of 2018 I met with the surgeon about possibilities of how to go about it. We exhausted them all and by Jan 2019, 3 months into this new father thing, I was in surgery for what was supposed to be a labrum tear and came out with my hip bone shaved, my hip flexor split in half, and lots of painful inflammation. I’ve had surgery four times in my life. First one was the wisdom extractions. All 4 at once; not fun but normal for a lot of people. Second, was to repair a inguinal hernia I got while working at Orchard Hardware and Supply when I was 18. The third was when I had an emergency appendectomy because my appendix almost exploded; fun stuff. So ....

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