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Accountability is a Huge Part of Setting Yourself Up for Success

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Accountability is a Huge Part of Setting Yourself Up for Success

Having accountability, being accountable to, or holding yourself accountable is all important when it comes to health and fitness.


However, you must know what you’re being accountable to.


That’s probably one of the biggest issues or biggest faults that I see people run into. “Oh I have to eat healthily, I have to work out, I have to be in great shape” The problem is, those are such blanket statements – there’s nothing you’re being accountable to.


You may have the thought of being healthy, or the thought of eating better, or the thought of improving your health, but there’s no real step behind it; there’s no real merit. It’s especially important when we’re talking about true accountability – having specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goals.


You need to understand if you’re trying to eat well…what does that mean? Are you trying to eat well to lower your cholesterol? Lose weight? A more muscle?


That’s different from just saying “I’m going to eat well to be healthy” and… same with “I’m going to exercise in order to be fit”.


Are you planning on doing just an exercise regimen of just running? Are you trying to implement weightlifting? Are you trying to improve your cardiovascular strength? Are you trying to increase muscle mass?


Those are different from just saying “I’m going to be in better shape”.


“I am going to start doing a regimen in order to improve my health” while a great statement, there’s nothing behind it.


If you want to use exercise to improve your well-being, increase your energy, gain strength, and rebuild your confidence, that’s a completely different statement than just “I want to be fit and healthy”


These are the things we need to keep in mind when we’re starting on a fitness journey or trying to improve our health and wellness.


We can’t just make blanket statements about what we’re doing. We need to have a plan and commit to carrying out that plan. These are the areas it helps to have a professional or coach to help get you through this process.


One of the biggest things we do here at Own It Fitness is walking people through the process of defining what it is their goal is and what they want to attain.

Reach out to us any time if you need that extra push or guidance. It’s important to create that picture in your mind for you to ensure success, short term, and long term.  We’re here to help!

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