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Road to 40: Post 6

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Road to 40: Post 6

So one of the things I struggle with, like many others, is balancing out time between all the different roles I have within a given day. I wake up and I’m trying to get myself together to manage what’s being thrown my way. From off the pillow at 5am until back on the pillow TBA, I’m racing against the life clock.  I like to think of myself as proactive.  I do the necessary prep to ensure I have proper time to show up as best as I can for each role.   


In the AMs to get myself put together, spend some time making breakfast with the kid and giving my lady time to get herself together, and get to work with enough time to do my Miracle Morning routine.  After that, it’s Founder & CEO time.  Making sure I’m giving direction to myself and my team, leading from the front. Then there’s the Personal Trainer - being whatever type of motivator and support systems necessary for the person in front of me. There’s also the guy who’s trying to keep himself mentally and physically healthy. The man who’s almost 40, is still dealing with hip and back issues, even after surgery and rehab, and oftentimes mentally drained and physically tired.


I’m not complaining because I have a pretty fantastic life. I wouldn’t change any of the roles I have. Sometimes it’s just overwhelming how much needs to happen in a day. I’m great at planning and I do the necessary reps to be great at it regularly.  My weeks are set and ready to go before 9am every Monday morning.  Curve Balls though, am I right?!


There’s constantly something that comes up or an issue that needs my immediate attention. This week, my other trainer has been sick. She was out Monday, came back Tuesday, and is back out today (Wednesday). She’s phenomenal and I couldn’t run things without her. But today she’s out. She’s half my training staff, me being the other half obviously. Major pivots had to happen to ensure all our peeps were covered or rescheduled. Not to mention the two classes w/ multiple people relying on us. It’s rough sometimes.


At home, my kid has been sick for over two weeks. We went from a stomach bug, to a bad cough, to an ear infection combined w/ a lingering cough. My lady has a pretty bad sinus infection to boot. So I am doing what I can in the AM to give her some time and then coming home after work and trying to be more attentive to both of them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s rough!


So here’s the silver lining to all of it. I can honestly say that despite all the pop up chaos that often happens, I am comfortable stating that on most days I feel like I’m coming out ahead. Perspective is a HUGE tool for working professionals or parents who're struggling to get through their day. There is going to be chaos in many forms but let’s be honest with one another, it would be boring if it were otherwise. We have a way of growing when we are pushed out of our box. Just remember, feel pressure, not stress…

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