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Road to 40: Post 5

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Road to 40: Post 5

The struggle is real. Things don’t always go the way you want, and sometimes even putting in the work you still come up short.  hat’s what August felt like. My personal training studio has been a literal manifestation of 10 years of hard ass work. I’ve got two great team members that are helping me build my vision and lots of loyal people that have followed or found me and believe my way is the best way to get them to their fitness goals. It’s a lot of responsibility but I’m grateful for it. But it’s hard ass work sometimes.  


There’s a lot of reps that go into making everything run the way it should. No two clients are the same and everyone is dealing w/ all the current madness. Some people handle it better than others. I do my best to help who I can with their health and fitness goals but at the end of the day, people really have to want it. I’m pretty fortunate in regards to helping people find motivation. It’s just something I’ve always been good at doing. I can find things in people and make them see what they can be with some work and a few pivots. I make time to know everyone in my program, regardless of whether they are training directly w/ me or with my team. But it doesn’t always work for everyone.


We had two clients drop in August that really hit me the wrong way. One of them in particular. She was a hard to motivate type. She had been pretty beat down by other training experiences and just didn’t know how to set a real goal and stand behind it. She was training with my other trainer, who is a rockstar if I might add. Great motivator, calm demeanor but really knows how to squeeze out the best in people in sessions.  


I was helping manage this particular client because she just needed more hands on her program. We did everything possible to make her successful. All the typical stuff that goes into a program but much more support. Her kids would come and hang out when she trained, we let her older daughter join her for a session. We got really into the thick of it to try to help her understand that she could make things work if she wanted to. But we ended up getting played.


My passion is helping people achieve new levels of confidence through fitness but we’re also a business. I help support my family, have to pay my staff, and take care of all the responsibilities of a small business. When I sign a contract w/ someone, it’s my word that we’re going to deliver on said contract. We expect the same to be done by the person we’re helping. Not everyone feels they should honor agreements which is sad, but it happens.  

I think what bothers me most about it is that we really went out of our way to help this person and it just felt like we got taken advantage of.  

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