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Road to 40: Post 4

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So it’s been quite a ride since my hip surgery in early 2019. 3 major California fire disasters and a pandemic and a half later, I’m trekking to 40. I got laid off in 2020 from 24 hour fitness for being unproductive. Hard to be productive when you are out on medical leave but let's be honest, it was a blessing in disguise because I started my own fitness company. I’m in year two and feel like year ten is not that far away.

I’m an aspiring “Best Dad Ever” candidate. I feel like I can do it. Everyone keeps warning me about the teen years but I say bring it on. I got this! My hip still bothers me quite a bit but I’m actively working to live pain free and regain all the physical strength I possessed before I started having issues. I’m what I would describe as semi-fit –not where I want to be but much better off than I was in 2020– and I’m moving towards being the fittest I’ve ever been at 40;  #GOALS.  

My goal is to help people achieve new levels of self-confidence, in every aspect of life, by teaching them to invest in their physical strength and well-being. There’s no substitute for squatting or deadlifting an amount of weight you never thought you could even budge. It opens up doors for people, builds new bridges, and makes the impossible feel possible. I’m not saying it doesn’t take work, but anything worth doing requires work. And…  you can work smart at it; it doesn’t always have to be the hardest thing ever.

The funny part is that I live that struggle day in and day out, just like everyone else. I love pizza, I love beer, I stay up too late binge watching Star Trek (TNG is the best still but Deep Space 9 is my very close second; if you know, you know). I don’t always want to rush to the gym to get that weekend workout in. Days are long, downtime is short and somehow I have to find a way to manage.  

And so we’re here, together, me writing and you reading, trying to figure out how to balance everything. Sometimes it is like walking a tightrope with dynamite on either side of the stick with the rope soaked in kerosene but at least things are never boring. Haven’t caught on fire yet! I’m still trying to figure out how one writes about a journey to a life milestone. In truth, I don’t put much stock in age. I’ve taken to looking at my birthday as my day to reflect on what I’ve accomplished in the past year. It’s like my personal New Years. I usually write things down, share some wisdom on The Insta, and eat too much carne asada and ice cream cake.

One thing I can say is that when 40 does hit, I want to be able to look back on this blog and say, I shared the struggle, maybe helped some people get through some things, and made living fit and healthy something that doesn’t seem so insurmountable. Here’s to the journey ahead!

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