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Hey guys!  This is Miguel with Own it Fitness.  Sometimes creating a space or environment to be fit and healthy can be tough.  We live in a world where our home and work are blended together.  We’re sitting more than we ever have.  And though things seems to be improving, we still have no idea when things will get back to what we once called normal.  This can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle a little overwhelming but I’m here to tell you, with a little work and planning, it can be done!


Number 1 and our foundational piece.  Setting time aside to be active and healthy.  You can’t expect to achieve your fitness goals if you are just playing your workouts or activities by ear.  You have to set time aside to do exercise and you have to protect that time just as you would for an important meeting.  As a matter of fact, the most important meetings you have are with yourself because if you can’t care for yourself, eventually you might not be much help to anyone.


Number two on the list is getting enough sleep.  I don’t care who you are, you can’t operate properly without ample time in ZzzzZzz Town!  We should all shoot for at least 8 hours of undisturbed sleep.  So stop binging on on your streaming services or getting a few more minutes in on your devices.  Whatever you didn’t finish or weren’t able to watch will be there for you tomorrow.  Hit the sack!


Number three on the list is to have a training plan.  The days of old where you could just show up to the gym and do some bis and tris and maybe hop on the treadmill for a bit are long gone.  There’s tons of info out there and plenty of easy to access plans for you to get fit.  Think about what you like to do for exercise and find something that’s set for 3-5 times per week of exercise.  You’ve got the time to do it if you are following Number 1!


Number four on the list is CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY AND ROUTINE.  I tell every single one of my clients this.  Motivation often gets you going but ROUTINE and ACCOUNTABILITY are what keep you going and focused.  Get a workout partner, post your goals on social media, tell your family and friends, get a coach!  The more people involved and invested in your goals, the more likely you are to stick to them.  It’s hard not to stick to it when you are going to have to face the media later on.


Number 5, and arguably the most important, is FOCUS ON FORWARD MOTION THROUGHOUT THE WEEK.  Things aren’t going to happen perfectly everyday.  There may be days where you really can’t make your workout, or you have to buy some fast food.  You might not sleep much one night because your 2 year old have a nightmare.  Or you might have gained some weight randomly and can’t figure out why.  Life happens and days go to the dogs sometimes.  That doesn’t mean you failed.  Whenever this happens, remember we count in months and weeks, not days.  If you have a bad day, OWN IT and identify what went wrong.  Then move forward.  Don’t focus on what you did wrong, focus on what you’re going to do right from here on out.

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